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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Doctor's Secret Bride (Billionaire Brides Club of Granite Falls) by Ana E. Ross

The Doctor's Secret Bride is Book One in the Billionaire Brides Club of Granite Falls series by author Ana E. Ross. When I downloaded this book it was a freebie and greedy little book lover that I am, I snagged it without knowing anything about the author or her writing style. The great thing about freebies? You never really know when you'll find a jewel. I am happy to say that in The Doctor's Secret Bride, I truly found a shiny jewel of a new writer and a new series to follow.

What it's About
Michelle Carter is a down on her luck woman who has been working temp jobs and looking for work for several years. She's the victim of job layoffs and an alcoholic father who stole from her. Michelle runs across Mrs. Hayes, an older woman who helped take care of her and her brother when they were growing up. Turns out Mrs. Hayes works for a handsome widower named Dr. Erik LaCrosse. Erik's wife was killed by a hit and run driver leaving behind not only her husband, but also a little girl named Precious. Erik reluctantly hires Michelle, who his daughter takes a liking to. Problem is, Erik is attracted to his new nanny, but is still in love with his wife and troubled by her untimely death at the hands of the drunken driver. As the two fall in love, Michelle keeps secrets away from Erik out of fear of first losing her job, and then losing the man and little girl that she has grown to love.

The Positives: The characters in this story are very well written and they pulled me right into the story. I cared what happened to them and could feel the raw emotions in some scenes, particularly Erik's. Children can be hard for some authors, either coming off older than they should, younger, or too bratty. Precious was everything that she needed to be for the story as it was told. Her behavior and feelings were believable considering the circumstances.

The Negatives: The negative aspects of the book are minimal in my opinion, but there are a few. Some people may take offense at one of the sex scenes and Erik's "thrust" abilities. This particular scene made me roll my eyes, but it is fantasy after all and I wasn't offended by it in the least. Frankly I've read far worse.  Michelle did make some unwise decisions that had me ranting at my e-reader, but it showed that she was human and not perfect.

The Final Word:
Admittedly, I held onto this book for a while before I read it. I wasn't expecting too much from it seeing as I'm not a big fan of the "billionaire" hero trope. Once I started reading, however, I couldn't stop. It was that good. The story is well-paced and it will more than keep your interest. I'm hooked and I believe you will be too.  I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 5 Stars
Released: May 2012
Pages: 319
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