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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kilted for Pleasure by Melissa Blue

Kilted for Pleasure by Melissa Blue is the third book in the Under the Kilt series. While Melissa Blue isn't a new author to me (I loved Double Dare (A Modern Fairy Tale Book 1) when I read it a couple of years ago.), I hadn't read any of the books in this serious until I had the opportunity to read Kilted for Pleasure. This book does well as a standalone, but I admit I've purchased the first two after reading this one. As you might have already guessed, I enjoyed reading this very well written and cute love story.

What It's About:
Victoria is an antiques appraiser whose career was almost destroyed because of a lapse in judgement when she first started out. Fortunately she has a second chance and she wants to make the best of it. She's been sent to Scotland to appraise objects at a Scottish castle and must persuade a very skilled restorer to work with her on the project. She doesn't expect him to be so handsome, so grumpy and unfriendly, or the cousin of her boss. Callan is a man still mourning the death of his
wife. He's mired in debt and wants to earn enough money to pay for a headstone for his wife. He just doesn't want  the help of his cousins to do it with . He finds Victoria attractive, if not a nuisance, and after giving her a hard time agrees to do the job. Eventually the two begin a sexual relationship despite the fact that her boss has a strict no fraternization rule. This affair soon turns into deeper feelings for both, although Victoria fears for her career, and Callan isn't yet ready to feel anything for a woman other than his wife. When obstacles and a frightening turn of events occur, will the two realize and admit their love or will their time together be no more than a Scottish fling?

The Good
Victoria was a likable and determined heroine in Kilted for Pleasure, but it was the men in this story who were the real stars for me. I absolutely adored Callan and his Uncle. While Callan came off adequately grumpy at times and determined to get Victoria in bed at others, it was the underlying sadness that had the most impact. The man was missing his wife, who's illness was unexpected and came on before their life together could reach a place of financial security and the fulfillment of their dreams. His internal struggles with his feelings for Victoria are believable, especially considering he is still in debt for the illness that stole his wife. Aside from sexual desire, the development of real feelings for Victoria as they get to know one another felt genuine.
Callan's uncle "The Baird" plays an important role in the story and really I couldn't have loved the character more (the Baird's sons are the male protagonists in Under The Kilt Book 1and Book 2). He's a stubborn, set-in-his-ways man who is more insightful and capable than his family gives him credit for. He's a handful, but you get the impression that some of his behavior is more of an act for his family than anything.

The Bad
The story wrapped up just too fast. It felt like there should have been more to their story and that I was missing something important. Another area that I had a problem with was the source of his debt, which centered around medical bills. Is it possible to go into medical debt in Scotland? Isn't healthcare free? His debt seemed more like a problem he would have with the American healthcare system and not the one in Scotland. This might not be a biggie for some readers, but it tripped me up a bit.

My Final Thoughts
For the most part I really enjoyed reading Kilted for Pleasure. The book has strong and likable characters and the plot was engaging, although it ended a little too quickly in my opinion. The healthcare issue may be a minor or major problem for some readers, but for me it raised questions about the possibility of medical debt in a country with free healthcare. I don't think it's possible, but I don't know everything so it could be. Regardless, little facts like this have the ability to take my head out of the story. Unfortunately, this time was no different and it distracted me a bit as I pondered the accuracy of it.
Ultimately, when it comes down to it, reading is about my enjoyment of the story. Did I enjoy Kilted for Pleasure? Yes I did. Any problems were mildly distracting. I'm giving this a 3.5 rating.

*A copy of this book was provided for a fair and honest review*

Rating 3.5 out of 5
Published: March 08, 2015
Estimated Length: 176 pages
Price: $2.99

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