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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The "N" Word by Tianna Laveen

Author: Tiana Laveen
Edition: Kindle 
Published: August 8th 2015

The N Word is a very well written, thought-provoking book about racism, love, and redemption. This is a very timely topic considering the state of race relations today. Based
off of the title alone it might inspire a WTF reaction from some. I'll admit, that was my automatic reaction to seeing this book, but I'm eternally curious and open to giving most things a try as long as it doesn't come off as a fetish or intentionally derogatory. That said I plunged in with an open mind and gave it a try. The main character, Aaron, is offensive and a thoroughly unapologetic racist. You certainly wonder how the author thinks she can pull off an interracial love story with this guy. Well, I urge you to look past any discomfort that you may have and give The N Word a try. While I won't give a full review here (it is really just one book split into two) I will recommend it. No matter how you ultimately end up feeling about Aaron or Mia (the heroine), you won't be disappointed at how well The N Word is written. This is well thought out storytelling and I'm very impressed.
I'll combine my full thoughts on this book with my review of Word of Honor, which is the second half of the story.
I'm giving The N Word a 4 out of 5 rating based on the superb writing style and the slow, thoughtful manner in which the story unfolds.
Rating: 4 out of 5

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