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Friday, September 4, 2015

Advertising for Love (Ebony Nights), by Elisabeth Roseland

Published December 2012
Publisher: Samhain
Pages: 102
Rating 2 out of 5

Aisha is a successful business woman who lives a very comfortable life. When she needs a date for a business event, her friend suggests a male escort from a service name Ebony Nights. Ebony Nights specializes in male escorts and has a man to fit any desire - dark or light, tall or short, young or a more seasoned man. It's ladies choice, all she has to do is place an order. Despite her hesitations, Aisha agrees, and when she meet her escort Greg she quickly finds him to be intelligent, confident, and all around irresistible. Soon the two embark on a relationship, but can Aisha really handle the nature of her new man's career.

My Thoughts
I found it hard to believe that Aisha would jump into a relationship with a man who was basically a prostitute. He made no bones about the fact that he slept with women for money and continued to do so after they started to date. I couldn't buy into it. The idea that it was business and their relationship wasn't just didn't wash for me. I don't share well and definitely with any random woman on the street. The man even admits that he's "escorted" thousands of women! As written it wasn't my cup of tea...

Perhaps I could have enjoyed the story more if it were longer and more fleshed out. As it was everything just felt too manufactured for my liking. It was too predictable. I'm not a hundred percent opposed to a romance novel where a male prostitute finds love, but it needs a worthy story.  I need more conflict, reason, and emotion than what Advertising for Love gave me. In the end it felt like a lost opportunity. Too bad. The writing itself wasn't terrible, it just failed to engage me. I'm giving Advertising for Love a 2 our of 5 rating.

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