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Blurb Writing Services

Book Descriptions - AKA Book Blurbs

Are you an author who needs help crafting a compelling blurb?

Through the pages of your newly written book you've fallen in love, fought off aliens, saved the world from viral infection, and faced off against vampires that don't sparkle in the sun. Despite your prowess at telling a story, the idea of writing a blurb leaves you filled with dread. Sound familiar? If your answer is yes, then you're not alone. For most authors, writing a book blurb is difficult and time consuming. Unfortunately, book descriptions are a necessary evil. But why are they so darn difficult? They are, in essence, a product description. Product descriptions are designed to convert interested parties into paying customers. This is true when it comes to book descriptions, or blurbs, as well. The goal of a book description is to: 
  • Capture the attention of readers.
  • Encourage and stoke the reader's interest so that they want to know more. 
  • To inspire them to buy what you've painstakingly written. 
Blurbs are a different style of writing that falls under the copywriting umbrella. For some authors, transitioning to this form of writing can be a frustrating task. Let me help! As an experienced copywriter I know how to hook a reader's interest so that they'll want to read more of what you've written. Because the tone, genre, and overall flavor of books vary, I can adapt to match your story.

Important Information:

  • Book Blurbs are priced @ $27.00 per blurb.
  • Each blurb is between 150 to 300 words. 
  • Most blurbs are completed and sent to you within 48 hours.
  • Blurbs are written based on information that you send me. I do not read the entire book before writing the blurb (this would raise the price substantially). 
If you are interested in my blurb writing services I will need a summary of your book and any previous attempts at a book description that you've made.

  • Payments are required up front. 
  • I do not guarantee or otherwise imply that the blurb you receive will increase your sales