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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Mogul's Reluctant Bride (Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls), by Ana E. Ross

Ana E. Ross has done it again! The Mogul's Reluctant Bride is the second book in her Billionaire Brides Of Granite Falls series and it doesn't disappoint. Kaya Brehna's life has just undergone a major upheaval. According to her estranged sister's will, Kaya is now guardian to three young children following an accident that has taken the lives of  both her sister and brother-in-law. The problem is, Kaya has never been a part of her sister's life and until this current tragedy she hadn't even met her new charges. Kaya embraces her responsibility and is planning on fulfilling her sister's last wish. But there's a problem. Her sister, despite the appearance of living in the lap of luxury, died without a penny to her name. If that's not enough, there's also the problem of billionaire Bryce Fontaine, the children's godfather. The wildly attractive mogul is so attached to the children that he's not only hurt that he wasn't named legal guardian in the will, but he's willing to use his considerable financial resources to fight and overturn it.

Bryce is all kinds of deliciousness! He has a ruthless streak that's a mile wide, and he's a bit of an ass to Kaya at the beginning. He was good friends with Kaya's brother-in-law, who also died in the crash and was a major part of their lives. He can't believe that his good friends wouldn't leave the children in his custody and doesn't take it well. That said, he's a man that loves with his whole heart and he loves his godchildren. He's been a stable part of their lives, he knows them, their routine and he has their trust. Without a doubt you know he's the best thing for them in lieu of having lost their parents. The question is why was he so incredibly close to their parents and them? The reason is heart breaking and will make you forgive his arrogant ass moments.

From the beginning you know that Kaya's life hasn't been picture perfect. Her father abandoned her when she was a little girl, leaving her in the hands of a bitter mother. This is a big reason why she never had a relationship with her sister. You feel for Kaya, the children are family and she wants to be there for them. But she's a fish out of water, especially when compared to Bryce who is more than competent when it comes to children and their needs. Despite battling Bryce, the anger and sorrow of her young nephew, and a fiancee back at home, Kaya's determination is admirable.

The Positives: The characters were amazingly real to me. Their individual backgrounds gave them a believability that isn't always present in romance books. It made me feel as if I knew them, and I really did want the child custody issue to work out in a way that would work for the both of them. Another major plus was that this wasn't insta-love. There was certainly chemistry from the first look, but the attraction was quickly thrust back in the face of a potential custody battle. When these two succumb to the underlying passion between them, watch out! Like I said - Bryce was all kinds of deliciousness. His past story was sad, but powerful and really fleshed him out for me.

The Negatives: This author really has a thing for the overly sized penis! Okay, so some might say what's the problem, but it seemed like an unnecessary gimmick in a book that was written so well. As a reader you know that Bryce is beyond sexy and that he'll be a god in the bedroom, so the super-size me appendage wasn't necessary in my honest opinion (to be honest, it even made me cringe at one point). 

The Final Word
: I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. There's a lot of pain and heartbreak, but it is also about two people moving forward, finding love, and creating a new family in the wake of loss. I really am impressed by Ana Ross and I'm look forward to reading the third book in the series starring Massimo Andretti (love that name!). I wholeheartedly recommend reading The Mogul's Reluctant Bride.

Rating: 5 Stars
Released: May 12, 2013
Pages on Kindle: 284
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