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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowbound by Kim Golden

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

Snowbound is the story of a woman named Mia who's excited and
looking forward to starting a life with her boyfriend. The problem is, said boyfriend is married and despite his promise to leave his wife by Thanksgiving, he's playing the happy husband and announcing that he and his wife are having a baby. Mia gets a clue and heads to the home her grandmother left her in Vermont. Her intention is to be alone, lick her wounds and get over her heartache. That's not to be the case however, because there's a guest in grandma's guesthouse...

What I Liked: Mia. Yes, Mia was sleeping with a married man for years and was unapologetic about it. Yes, she was friends (or pretended to be at least) with the wife of her lover, and while carrying on said affair. She's even the type of woman who'll have sex with the man at a party that he and his wife are attending. So why on earth do I like the character of Mia? Because the author wrote her real. She doesn't try to make the reader see her through rose colored glasses nor does she try to make it (the affair) the fault of his wife. Instead, Mia is written with her ugly flaws bare. Basically, Mia knew what she was doing, and didn't care until she got hurt. But then we also get to see Mia move on and grow a little as a person. In an e-book world where heroines can be cloyingly sweet, it was nice to read about one that wasn't.
I also immensely enjoyed the pacing of the first half of the story. Mia and our hero Jake are getting to know each other and not sexing it up ten seconds after meeting one another. The "rules" were fun and just made to be broken.

What I Didn't Like: While I liked the pacing at the start of the book, Jake's jealousy and confessions of love just kind of came out of nowhere. I would have liked more time to have passed and for there to have been a clear and obvious reasons for such strong feelings that seemed to spring abruptly from their budding attraction. The talk between Jake and Mia's childhood crush seemed inappropriate and unnecessary, especially considering they didn't know one another and the info shared was extremely personal.

My Final Thoughts: This was a nice holiday read that didn't rely on sex to get the story told or keep your interest. Mia was a woman who allowed herself to get caught up in a love affair that had no future. While I don't approve of her actions or behavior, I was happy that she made a decision to move on and stuck with it. No wishy-washy behavior here. The book wasn't the most exciting story ever told, but that's okay. Despite the fact that the storyline goes into hyper-drive about halfway through, I really liked Snowbound and recommend it to people who want a simple romance told by a competent author. I give this book three stars (I would have made if four stars, but I wasn't feeling the rush to love)for being a great book to read on a cold winter afternoon.

Rating: 3 Stars
Released: Nov. 6, 2013
Pages: 138

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