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Friday, February 7, 2014

Infinity (Valkyries: Soaring Raven)

Have you ever walked up to two people who are in the middle of a conversation? It might be a casual conversation or one that's got them both heated up, and chances are it's

something that's important to the two of them. But, the thing is, you don't have a clue as to what the heck they're talking about. After awhile of trying to figure it out just by listening to them, you really don't care. You're on the outside looking in. That's kind of what I felt like reading the first half of Infinity. There was a lot of talking and I felt dropped in the middle of it without a clue. In fact, the more they talked the greater my confusion and eventual apathy got. Ummm... so not a good sign.

What it's AboutInfinity is about a young woman named Infinity. She's twenty-two and a singing sensation. She's about to make a comeback after a six-month hiatus due to a mental meltdown and drug abuse. Infinity is an unusual girl. She has visions, a posse of crows that follow her around, and a youthful mother who can fight and run real fast. Her brother (in name only) is her manager and he's taking too much control over her life and career. Infinity's concert is pissing off some real powerful people, and it seems they'll go to any extent to shut her and this concert down. You can then mix in werewolves, vampires and Others, rebels and power plays, Valkyries and Immortals. There is also the question of what the heck Infinity really is.

The Bad: Like I said, there was a lot of talking in this book and some of it was about absolutely nothing. Infinity and her two best friends are adults in their twenties, but I kept picturing them as sixteen. Very immature sixteen year olds at that. There was a chapter, or at least it felt like a chapter or half the darn book, where these three talk about hot men, being hot, sex and the fact that Infinity is a virgin. Let me not leave out that this conversation takes place in the back of an SUV. I was so tempted to skip this chapter and if need be this book, but I pushed on... More bad news, I didn't care for Infinity. I really didn't like her. She was annoying and she needed to grow the hell up! In fact I didn't like anyone in this story with the exception of Boulder the werewolf and even then the name irked me. And while discussing the bad, let's not leave out the fact that the story ends with a cliffhanger.

The Good: Starting off the good by talking about the cover may not bode well for the actual story, but I really liked the cover of this eBook. Yes, cover snob that I am couldn't help but fall in love with that cover, which was fitting for what was going on in the story. The raven, the man, and the wolf eyes. The high heels and the microphone. Great freaking cover! Although it might not sound like it, there was some good in this story as well. It just waited until the last part of the book to happen. After Infinity's concert the shit (excuse my language folks) hit the fan! Sure, Infinity's immaturity set things in motion, but the thing is the story started to get good. It made me sit up and pay attention. Unfortunately, it ended abruptly with a cliffhanger.

What it Boils Down To: I can honestly say that I did not like Infinity for a majority of the story, however, it ended with a bang and so I have hope. This is my first time reading a book by this author and if it weren't for that last minute save it might have been my last. Fortunately the ending of this book was really quite good and captured my attention to the point that I'm interested in knowing what's going on and actually want to keep reading. Unfortunately, based on the majority of this book I'm giving it between 2 and 2.5 stars and hoping book 2 will pick up on the promising ending.

Rating: 2/2.5 Stars
Pages: 218
Published: January 2013
Purchase at: Amazon

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