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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ricardo by K. Victoria Chase

Ricardo was a well-written and entertaining suspense/adventure that is the third book in the Santiago Brothers series by author K. Victoria Chase. The story takes
you to a Middle Eastern desert where an American agent by
the name of Ricardo Santiago is undercover trying to determine who is selling arms and to gather intel on a potential attack on the U.S. Embassy. A captured woman is presented to the sheikh as a "gift" and a "new wife." The sheikh, who has recently lost his wife, declines and gives the woman to Ricardo because he feels it has been awhile since Ricardo has had a woman of his own. As it turns out the woman is a U.S. Marshall by the name of Melody Lewis who was kidnapped while vacationing in Dubai. The Marshall and the agent develop a tentative trust in one another and along with the help of Ricardo's trusted friend and contact, the two must manage to stay alive, find out who's selling arms and stop an imminent terrorist threat.

This is a fun book that's a little different from other popular books that are currently on the market for this genre. You won't find a lot of sex in this book. There wasn't any if I recall correctly. But if you want a good story then the lack of sex won't be a problem. In my opinion, it seemed more realistic that the two of them did not have sex considering the situation that they were in. There was kissing and obvious attraction, but anything more just didn't happen. Ricardo was a likable hero who was trying to make the best out of the situation he was in. He was strong, but wasn't afraid to show his emotions (which occurs during a truly touching scene). Melody, our heroine, had her moments of doing things that I felt were silly and reckless, but overall she managed to handle her business under the circumstances that she found herself in. She was also competent and I felt she never became a burden to the hero. When she needed to step up, she did.

The problem that I had with this story was that it was too short. It isn't the shortest book out there by far, but this type of story line needs to be fully fleshed out so that you can completely understand what is going on, motivations, etc. The love between these two just happened too fast. I would have liked the attraction to be explored more so that we can see that it was more than just the danger and circumstances that drew them together. That said, for the length that it is, the author did a decent job and I wasn't confused by what was happening. I only wish that there had been more. It would have taken it to the next level for me. I enjoyed reading this story and give it 3 solid stars.  I understand there are three books in this series about three brothers. I have Rafael (The Santiago Brothers Book One), but haven't read it yet. I'm definitely interested and will be reading it soon.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Pages: 189
Published: April 30, 2014

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