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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mine Tonight by Lisa Marie Perry

Mine Tonight is the fourth installment of the The Blue Dynasty series by Lisa Marie Presley. The series revolves around the Las Vegas Slayers, a fictional football team marred by a scandal caused by its former owner. It is also about the Blue family who now owns it. Unlike previous books, a member of the Blue family is not the focus in Mine Tonight. Instead, the story focuses on one of the previous owner's sons - Santino Franco (his brother Nate was in Book 1), and Bindi Paxton his father's ex-fiancee. Santino is a former player for the Slayers who suffered a devastating injury due to his father's machinations. These injuries have had a profound and life-altering affect on Santino who sets out to find his fleeing father. To do that he needs help from his father's gold-digging ex-fiancee, Bindi. Bindi is a woman with whom he's never gotten along with, yet she is also a woman that he has more feelings for than he's comfortable with. Bindi is rethinking her gold-digging ways and taking a hard look at her life. She relunctantly agrees to help Santino, but she's got a bit of an agenda of her own. She too has feelings for Santino. Can these two overcome their history, find Santino's father, and find love together despite the lies between them?

This was, unfortunately, my least favorite of the series. Let me break it down for you...

The Bad: I didn't like Bindi. No matter how hard I tried this was one gold digger that I couldn't dig (Okay that was a bad joke!). I didn't care for her attitude and she just didn't work for me as a heroine. I kept thinking poor Santino! You can do so much better!

The Good: I may not have liked Bindi, but I did feel sorry for her. At least after her history was explained. What foul people her parents were! I also really liked the whole story arc regarding Santino, his injuries, and his bid to get some of his old life back. I thought this was handled realistically from injuries to his future. Well done!

My Final Thoughts: I really appreciate Lisa Marie Perry as a writer. She turns out books with plots that are well thought out and well executed. I mean really, this is an author who got me to read and actually like a sports-themed romance! That said, Mine Tonight just didn't hit all of my "this is a wonderful read" buttons. This is primarily due to the heroine, who fortunately becomes somewhat likeable for me as the story comes to an end. The story ties into the previous books so you'll want to read those first to fully understand what's going on.
I'm giving Mine Tonight a 3 out of 5 rating.

*I was given a review copy by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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