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Friday, July 31, 2015

Wolf's Honor by Ambrielle Kirk

I jumped  ahead a bit to read Wolf's Honor, the latest release in the Caedmon Wolves series. I've previously read Wolf's Haven, which was the first in the series, but that was before I started regularly reviewing. I remember wondering what happened next, but never got around to continuing the series. Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of Wolf's Honor from the author. I was pretty excited and looked forward to catching up on what I'd been missing. That said, I wish that I could say I really loved this book, but for me it was just an okay read.

Wolf's Honor is about Connor Maxim. He's a wolf shifter who operates within both the shifter and the human worlds as he was raised by his human father and shifter mother. Apparently there have been several unsolved murders of members belonging to the Caedmon and the Arnou wolf shifter packs. The question of who is committing these murders needs an answer before the human government gets involved. Obviously, human involvement isn't something that any of the packs wanted. Time is short and it's Connor's job to get those answers.

Antonia is a human woman who lives with her twin brother. The two have no other family that they are aware of and they have always done what they needed to do in order to stay together. Sometimes that meant taking jobs that were a bit criminal in nature so that they could stay afloat. Antonia is reluctant to continue down this path, but her brother seems to be getting in deeper and deeper and it is more than she's comfortable with.When she agrees to one last job things quickly get out of hand. Fortunately, this leads her to Connor. They both need each other's help, but can they trust each other?

The Good
I liked how close Antonia and her brother are and how the author went about portraying their relationship. From Antonia's standpoint you can really feel that she loves her twin and will do what it takes to keep them together and safe. Her character made sense to me and I liked that she had street smarts in a way that was more than the author telling you that she was street smart.
Connor. Can I say that I reaaallly liked this character. Completely alpha without being an alpha-hole of a character. There's a scene at a gas station when Connor lets loose... that was just fantastically bad-a$$ to me. I also liked the scenes when the wolf shifter's animal instincts get the best of them and they behave like what they are (don't you hate paranormal books where shifters act completely human all of the time?).

The Not So Great
As much as I liked the two main characters, I wasn't such a big fan of them as a couple. They were just "meh!" to me. They weren't terrible together and there was definite attraction, but it just didn't take off for me. It felt rushed instead of evolving naturally.  The story itself wasn't one that resonated with me either and it was far to easy for me to set it aside and come back to it at a later time. That's not a good sign for me. If a book has captured my interest I will completely devour it in one sitting. Forget eating or sleeping or other bodily functions! Not the case here.

My Final Thoughts
This was a good enough book, just not a great or amazing one. The story felt like it only existed to move the series along, but in the grand scheme of things the romance wasn't overly important. Yes there's some information that's probably useful if you've read the books leading up to this one, but the romance just wasn't a highlight for me. I recall reading Wolf's Haven a while back and being impressed by it, so maybe I'm doing this story a disservice by not reading the previous books first. I will definitely remedy that and read the rest of the series starting with a re-read of Wolf's Haven. Based on my initial reaction to Wolf's Honor I'm giving it a 3 out of 5 rating.

Rating 3 out of 5
Published: March 30, 2015
No. of pages: 168

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