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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tattooed Hearts (Martha's Way, Book 3) by Mika Jolie

Published: June 2015
Pages: 295
Diversity: Yes. Biracial (Asian/AA) FM & WM
Rating: 5 out of 5
*I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

Tattooed Hearts is the third book in the Martha's Way Series by Mika Jolie. It can easily be read as a stand-alone title, however, reading the first two books enriches the story in my opinion. I think the previous two titles provide a better understanding of the close relationships between key secondary characters, and the simmering emotion between the two primary players in the story.

This book is about Dr. Forrest Devareaux and Claire Peters. Forrest is the remaining bachelor in a group of four close-knit men who grew up in Martha's Vineyard. Claire also grew up on Martha's Vineyard, however, she was the daughter of a housekeeper and lacked the wealth and social standing of the boys. This didn't stop her from being a part of the group, as she was considered a sister-figure to one of the boys, and as a result a sister to the group by default. Romantic feelings develop between Claire and Forrest as teens and young adults, but fate intervenes and causes Claire to abandon the island and Forrest without warning. While there are obviously still strong feelings between these two, the story makes you wonder if they can overcome the distance and past rejections to be together. Will current and unexpected events in Forrest's life hinder them or bring them closer?

I can't express how much I liked this story. I've read the other books in the series (reviews to come) but this was hands down my favorite. I felt for both Claire and Forrest and completely understood why Claire did what she did when she was younger. Their problems (thankfully) didn't feel overly manufactured for the sake of drama. In fact, it felt quite believable. I also loved the way that you knew without a doubt that these two loved each other in a way that wasn't just driven by lust (although there was definitely lust). No matter what, the love was there and undeniable.

Claire never came across as a weak, confused, or naive woman. She was uncertain about her relationship with Forrest and where it would or could go, but she was determined. Claire was successful in her career as a singer who moonlighted as a designer on occasion. She was also at the cusp of a successful acting career which seems like a normal progression for a famous singer. Yes, she did a lot, but it strangely never felt like too much. And who doesn't love the fact that she is obviously wealthier than her doctor love!

Speaking of Forrest... he's the nice guy in the group who is smart and sexy. He always struck me as the character who could keep his cool at all times and during any situation. I'll just say he doesn't manage to accomplish that feat in Tattooed Hearts. The author successfully provided us with intriguing layers on a character that you may think you already have figured out. Kudos.

I am recommending Tattooed Hearts and give it a 5 out of 5 rating. It's a great romance about two people who've had a deep love for each other for most of their lives. The author's voice was clear, the writing smooth, and I enjoyed every minute. This is a great read.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome review of Tattooed Hearts. I am so glad you enjoyed Claire and Forrest's journey. It was a tough one. ~Mika