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Friday, October 30, 2015

Her Viking Wolves by Theodora Taylor

Published: Oct 2015
Diversity: BW/Biracial men
No. pages: 364
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
*I recieved an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.*

Her Viking Wolves is a part of Ms. Taylor's 50 Loving States series. More specifically, it is directly connected to the paranormal, time-traveling branch of the series called The Alaska Princesses Trilogy. For those of you having a serious "Say what now?" moment, stick with me. Yes, I did say time-traveling paranormal and Alaskan princesses in the same sentence. I should also add Vikings to the mix, but as far-fetched as that sounds it is a very well-written series that I do recommend.

Her Viking Wolves continues the Alaska Princesses Trilogy storyline, but focuses on their cousin Tiara, who goes by the name Tee. Tee is the wolf princess of Detroit, a rough and tumble motorcycle gang of a wolf kingdom in which she feels terribly out of place. Where fights and punishments served with a silver bullet are the norm for her pack, Tee is happiest sticking to her rooms and running her wildly successful video game company via Internet and Skype. Unfortunately, her father's plans for her and a few ugly secrets send Tee fleeing to her Aunt in Alaska (and yes, the former Alaskan princess and their families are there). When a time portal goes off not once, but twice, each time heralding the arrival of a traveler from the past in search of his fated mate, Tee's life is further turned upside down.

What I Liked
There are a lot of things that I like about this book, starting with the fact that it was a decent length and crammed full of some juicy drama and steamy sex scenes. Other things that made the book for me:
- The Viking travelers are twins and the sons of the character that started the whole time traveling angle of the 50 Loving States series. FJ and Olafar are two characters who are very well written in terms of their actions staying in line with their personalities. Although they were twins, they were very different with different weaknesses affecting either their human or wolf. These guys were persistent and super sexy!
- Tee was a great character stunted by awkwardness and shyness. I loved all of the little details or quirks regarding her personality. The progress her character makes over the course of the story was well done.
- Loved seeing Janelle, Alisha, Tu and their mates from previous books. And Tu! Love that character! Everything Tu related was right on point and had me laughing so hard as I was reading.
- The epilogue. What a great way to build anticipation for the next book. It was this that pushed the book from a 4 to a 5 star rating for me.

What I Didn't Care for
FJ gets his man panties in a serious knot at one point in the book, which makes him act out. While I liked that he wasn't depicted as flawlessly even tempered, I didn't like how easily Tee let him off the hook for his spoiled brat/hurt feelings and the way those feelings made him behave towards her. I would have been pissed beyond belief. He needed a lesson in what would and wouldn't work with a modern woman.
I also couldn't get a real strong image of what FJ and Olafar looked like, which was a bit disappointing. I get that they were unbelievably hot, golden brown, with red beards and long hair, but for some reason I couldn't picture them like I normally do.
-Near the end of the book, some of Tee's family business gets tied up a little too conveniently for me. Not terrible, but not the strongest point in the story.

My Final Thoughts
This book turns out to be my favorite in the Alaska Princess/wolf shifter storyline. It really was packed full of storytelling goodness that captured and held my attention through the ending. I'm definitely recommending this book and I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

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