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Monday, September 26, 2016

Lies You Tell by LaQuette

Publisher: LooseId
Published: 9/2016
4 out of 5 stars
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Lies You Tell is a contemporary romance published by LooseId and written by the new-to-me author LaQuette. One of the first things that I noticed about this book was the cover. Covers can make or break a book in my opinion, and they have the power to turn me off before I read a single sentence. I really liked this particular cover for a number of reasons. First, I loved that the heroine was a darker woman with natural hair. Covers with women like this stand out to me because they are relatively rare. I also liked the image of the couple embracing. Actually, it's the expression and posture of the hero that I like. The gun in one hand, the other hand protectively at her back, and the "Don't fuck with my woman" look in his eyes pretty are a pretty accurate depiction of the hero Dante and his feelings for the heroine. Very fitting.
And the book wasn't too bad either...

What it's About
Sanai is a nurse and the single mother of a six-year-old son. She is content with her life although memories of her son's father occasionally surface and mar that contentment. Unfortunately, the unthinkable strikes and Sanai finds her world turned upside down. Especially when her son's father suddenly appears. Dante believed the love of his life died years ago. With her, he buried his humanity and embedded himself in the "family business." When he discovers the woman that he loves is still alive, he'll do anything to keep his newly discovered family together and safe. Unfortunately, it was foul play that sent Sanai into hiding in the first place, and the threat isn't about to go away easily.

The Good
This book had really strong and likable characters. Especially Sanai who did what she had to do to protect herself and her son, but wasn't overly dramatic when it came to Dante. There weren't pages upon pages of endless accusations and distrust. When there was anger, it was appropriate and justified. Dante and Sanai communicated and nothing was overdrawn and excessive. I absolutely loved the way Dante loved Sanai and was willing to do what it took to be with her and his son. He was brutal when necessary; however, there were some beautifully tender moments with his son that just moved me and had my feelings all over the place. All in all, a great couple to carry the book.

The Bad
There wasn't a lot of "bad" in this book. If anything, some things happened too easily, particularly when it came to Dante and the choices and changes that he made. I honestly felt that he should have been more ruthless in dealing with certain characters from the outset, but for the sake of the story I get why he wasn't. I also wish Sanai and Dante hadn't hooked up so quickly. I didn't quite buy how quickly they become intimate again, however, it was hardly a deal breaker for me.

My Final Thoughts
This is a really great story about two people who love each other deeply. It's a mafia romance that is heavy on love and family, light on the mafia aspects. I'm not saying it isn't in there, but the primary focus is on Dante, Sanai and their son. This was an engaging read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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