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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Tycoon's Temporary Bride by Ana E. Ross

I'm a huge fan of Ana E. Ross and her Brides of Granite Falls series. Her books aren't perfect, but they are engaging and pure escapist fun for me. If you read my past reviews on the series you'll see they've all managed to get a 5 star rating from me. It's because I love this series that I hate to say it, but the Tycoon's Temporary Bride dropped the ball in my opinion.

What it's About: Tashi is a woman on the run. She's been sent to Granite Falls by a mysterious FBI agent who saved her life. She was to meet up with a man whose name started with an "A." She only heard the beginning of the name, but she knows he is to help and protect her by making her his "temporary bride," at least until the agent can find her again. She was to trust no one. She happens to "bump" into Adam Andreas one day. Adam is cousin to the completely delicious Massimo (yummy) Andretti from The Playboy's Fugitive Bride. Adam is a sexy hunk-o-man and since he
happens to have a baby in a stroller she feels he's harmless. Plus his name starts with an "A"...  Adam's damsel in distress o'meter goes off and he gives Tashi his business card. He senses she might be in trouble. Plus - you know - she's a beautiful woman and all. One desperate phone call and an illness (and boy that ain't pretty...) leads to Adam discovering the truth behind Tashi's visit to Granite Falls and, you guessed it, Tashi becoming his "Temporary Bride."

My Review: So what went wrong here? What the heck happened to my series? How could a promising storyline fall flat? For me it starts with Tashi. Her character came across too child-like for me. It felt like Adam's love of her was based on the fact that she was helpless and in need of saving. He was a little too "white knight" for me and she a little too "damsel in distress."
The story, the real meat of the story that is, got lost. Any threat to Tashi happened behind the scenes so to speak. Adam helps take care of it (the conflict) and the reader, like Tashi, is only told that it's done. The events just don't unfold in a way that the reader gets to experience it. We don't get to meet the baddies, only hear about them. Danger doesn't come close to actually threatening Tashi in Granite Falls. At least, we don't get to experience it. We hear that it's there and that it could hurt her; however, the confrontation/conflict isn't something that I was able to read about. Instead we get a book that is all about Tashi discovering herself as a woman and acquainting herself with Adam's Jade Stalk (don't get me started. This talk happened far more frequently than I would have liked). Like I said she comes off like a child. Good thing she can follow instructions or who knows what would have happened to her.
Adam is total zen. I'll admit this man is pretty sexy with his long hair and yoga moves. The problem is, I didn't feel like he was the same character that I'd glimpsed in other books. I'll give this the benefit of a doubt and say my recollection is flawed. He just felt like someone new to me. I don't have much to say about Adam. She was his. He loved her innocence and he loved caring for her. Didn't strike me as romantic love though. The story had its redeeming qualities. I loved that we got to see the other members of the Billionaire's Club and their wives. It was nice seeing where they were in their relationships both with each other and in terms of children. Thankfully everyone else seemed to remain true to character and that I liked. We were introduced to an interesting new character in Tashi's neighbor, Mindy. I'm rooting for another book with Mindy and Galen (who is half brother to the ever so delicious Massimo *yum*). Tashi's illness was another part that I actually liked despite it being just plain yucky. This was a great way to show the caring nature of Adam. I mean who wouldn't want a man who tends to you when you are at your most disgusting, sickest, don't-want-to-touch-yourself- without-a-can-of-Lysol, worst?
And yes, if you've read my other reviews about the billionaires - Adam doesn't disappoint. He's a super-size me kinda man too! I don't fight it anymore. If he hadn't been I might just have been a bit sadder.

My Final Thoughts: Although I absolutely adored the previous books in the series, I feel like The Tycoon's Temporary Bride is the weak link. Unfortunate, considering it is the last of the series. I would have loved a little more of the meaty storyline to have been woven into it and for Tashi to have been a bit more grown up. All in all I do recommend reading this final book in the series, especially if you've read the others. Go into it expecting something a little different, but whether it's different in a good or a bad way is up to you. I still highly recommend Ana E. Ross. She's one of my favorite authors. I just wasn't in love with this one. Rating this was a challenge for me. I'm going to give The Tycoon's Temporary Bride a 3 out of 5.

*I was provided with a review copy of The Tycoon's Temporary Bride in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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