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Friday, June 5, 2015

Deeper (Book One of The Deeper Chronicles) by Allyn Lesley

The cover of this book originally intrigued me enough to 1-click it on Amazon. Coupled with the story-line I felt pretty encouraged that I was in for some good reading time. Unfortunately, upon finishing the book I feel a little underwhelmed and "blah" about the story. Allyn  Lesley is a new author and Deeper is her Freshman outing.

What It's About
Deeper is about a school teacher by the name of Avianna "Avi" Linton. Avi is a woman who's trying for a fresh start by creating a quiet life for herself in New York. She has a past that she's not proud of and a mother that she avoids. Noah is a tough, wealthy, and not-so-good man who is considered by some to be the "King of New York" (not sure
if this is a name he's given himself or if it was given to him). When the two meet there is a sudden (no big surprise), and undeniable attraction between the them. Avi's reaction is to rebel against the feeling and to spurn his advances. Although they eventually end up together, there's a lot that's amiss. The two share more in common than they realize and Noah's "business" soon becomes a dangerous threat to what could be a promising relationship.

My Thoughts
I get the story that the author was trying to tell here, and for the most part she accomplished what she tried to do. For me however, it didn't quite work. Avi and Noah just never turned into characters that I cared anything about. Their first meeting was confusing. Yes, the two were attracted to each other, but it felt like there wasn't a reason for them to be. I know there are a gazillion stories where characters fall in love, or are overcome by great lust, or have an inexplicable pull toward one another. But with Deeper, I just didn't get the feeling. I didn't understand why Avi had such a negative reaction when she barely spent time with the man. Nor did I truly understand why, after such a brief time spent in each other's company, he burrows his way into her every waking thought and every nightly dream. I could understand Noah's desire for Avi somewhat. He strikes me as a man who wants the thing that is difficult to get. And Avi was difficult. But once he had her it just seemed like too much want and no real reason or, from my standpoint anyway, chemistry between them.

Noah's character wanted to be tough and was written to be a tough, cold, alpha who was also somewhat of a grey area villain. But there lies the problem. He was just written that way. His character didn't make me believe despite everything that the author wrote about him and his actions. It's hard to explain, but when I read a character that's supposed to be a bad-a$$, I need to believe that he is bad-a$$! I wasn't sold, despite all of the telling and the selling of his character, that he wasn't just a two-bit thug with fine things.

There was a twist in the story that revealed a common thread between Avi and Noah, and I wish that I could say that it was a good turning point for the story. I was hopeful that it would be, at least. Unfortunately, this just felt too convenient and an obvious plot device. By the end, I was just disappointed.

My Final Thoughts
Deeper wasn't the worst book that I've read this year, but it was far from the best. The bones of a good book were there, but the muscle and flesh on those bones were not as healthy and developed as they needed to be. Because this is a new author and I could see the potential for growth, I'll probably check out the next book if the price is right. I'm giving Deeper 2 stars.

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